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Lucky pilea

Type: Plantes
This plant benefits from the decorative trend of succulent plants in this first part of the third millennium. This pilea traveled around the world after its discovery by a Norwegian missionary in 1946, hence the origin of one of its common names, missionary plant. Recently, the graphic roundness of its leaves, which recall those of mini lotuses, water lilies or the rotating plates of the Chinese circus, has seduced lovers of European decoration and this piléa is now essential in trendy interiors. Its succulent pale green, almost round leaves are flat, leathery, thick and poetic. They look like money, which is suggested by another of its common names, the Chinese money plant. The height and width of the plant is 30 to 40 cm (12 to 16 in), which it reaches in about two years. This plant, native to Yunnan, is very easy to grow indoors, as long as you place it in a bright room and avoid stagnant humidity in the soil. It gives our interior a decidedly chic appearance. Of course, growing it in containers outside is also easy.