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Large Phalaenopsis Orchid 2 stems



The Phalaenopsis Orchid takes its name from its appearance, in Greek “phalaina” means butterfly and “opsis” means appearance.

The phalaenopsis orchid, or butterfly orchid, is certainly one of the most floriferous and easy to care for orchids available on the market, offering up to 8 consecutive months of flowering!

Undemanding, it only requires a little water, fertilizer and light. A perfect birthday flower!

Description: Mainly native to the tropical rainforests of Asia and Oceania, these epiphytic plants flourish by clinging to other plants or the bark of certain trees. It will therefore be necessary to cultivate it in a mixture of bark and sphinx moss specially designed for orchids rather than in conventional potting soil.


The phalaenopsis orchid symbolizes purity, refinement, attachment and cheerfulness.
Giving an orchid will reflect the most beautiful and simple feelings you have for the person dear to you.

Flower Colors: Color may vary depending on availability.