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Green fittonia

Type: Plantes
Fittonia is a charming houseplant, but suffers severely from dehydration during the winter months. he winter is tough on fittonia (Fittonia albivenis, formerly F. verschaffeltii and F. argyroneura), a popular houseplant. This charming little creeping plant with leaves beautifully highlighted by contrasting white, pink or red veins does not cope well with dry air... and our homes can barely keep the air humid enough for humans, let alone fittonias! For fittonia to be truly happy, it requires a relative humidity of 70 to 90%, but in most homes maintaining a relative humidity of 40% during the heating season, a level barely acceptable to humans, is difficult . Indeed, when cold outside air enters our homes and we heat it, its relative humidity drops and thin-leaved plants like fittonia suffer the consequences.