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Grandmother's/Grandma's Day (March 6, 2022)


Origin of Grandmother’s Day

Grandmother's Day is a tribute paid by grandchildren to their grandmothers, but also an event aimed at promoting the role of grandmothers in our society. This celebration is quite recent since it was created in 1987 by a brand in the food industry, the Grand'Mère café, now owned by the Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) group. The celebration also adopted the same spelling as the café, “Grandmothers’ Day” until at least 1999.

Grandmother's Day is of course an opportunity to show one's attachment to one's grandmothers and to consolidate the family bond with them. A meal can be organized, possibly a coffee (no joke!) in the afternoon, while offering grandma a bouquet of flowers or a little kind word.

If grandchildren and grandparents live far from each other, a simple telephone call will be welcome, with a little note sent by post possibly. Practices in French homes are rather simple and far removed from commercial operations.

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