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Rosehip & PIMBINA

by Floèm
Type: tisane

Savor the present moment with this Labrador tea infusion with rosehip & pimbina. This expressive blend has a velvety taste that falls somewhere between sweet and tart, with aromas of wild herbs. Pimbina is a small red berry growing on trees in the wild, which is part of the cranberry family. As for the rosehip, the tasty fruit of the rose, it counterbalances by bringing fruity notes, which balances everything wonderfully.

Curiously, we find these same components in India Pale Ale beer. Even people who are not usually fans of herbal teas find themselves loving its unusual taste! Perhaps this is due to a reminder of the acidity of citrus fruits and its woody side, being flavors in common?

Regardless, this infusion is a very detailed portrait of local flavors that knows how to bring forgotten ingredients back to life.


Wild rosehip, pimbina, wild Labrador tea, organic St. John's wort, organic bay leaf, organic marjoram.

Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 5 years old.