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Immerse yourself in the Pacific Northwest with ancient prairie salt ethically harvested from beneath the Canadian prairies. These unrivaled prehistoric minerals tighten skin pores, hydrate and promote circulation. This relaxing blend will transport you straight to the heart of the wilderness with notes of wild sage, balsam fir and black spruce.


Balsam fir oil: Is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains great detoxifying qualities for the skin.

Canadian salt: Deep in the Canadian Prairies lie pure, natural, pristine minerals. They have been proven to be exceptionally beneficial for the skin in several ways. These salts have been shown to accelerate skin regeneration, cleanse pores freeing them of impurities and act as a natural skin tonic. Its high content of potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium helps maintain healthy, cleansed and hydrated skin.

Ingredients: Canadian mineral crystals, sodium chloride (dendritic salt), Abies balsam (balsam fir oil), Picea mariana (black spruce oil), Thuja plicata (red cedar oil), wild plants, green clay.

16 oz reusable and recyclable glass jar


Add a handful or two to a hot bath and enjoy.