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Ardisia Bospremium in vase

Type: Plantes

The Ardisia brings atmosphere and warmth to our decor!

It's a real eye-catcher.

The beautiful red, white and recently pink berries grow in clusters and remain on the plant for a long time. There are few flowering houseplants that can match this.

The characteristic feature of this type of shrub is the rich amount of leaves under and between the berries.

The origin of Ardisia is Asia, where clusters of berries represent wealth and fertility. It is related to Myrsinaceae.

Ardisia likes light, but not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can be harmful to the plant.

It is also important that you give a good place all at once, because he does not like changes. You will also see that it will lose a lot of leaves at first.

A plant in a white or taupe ceramic vase ideal to offer for all occasions!

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